Friday, September 23, 2011

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

We had to write about what we loved in my Writing as Critical Thinking class. I chose to write about swing dancing... keep in mind this is unedited so there may or may not be some grammar mistakes. :)

I love swing dancing. Now, this is a recent love and addiction of mine, we have not been close for very long. Before I get too excited, let me recall my first encounter with swing dancing. I had taken a 2 hour swing dancing workshop at an International Thespian Conference. I absolutely loved swing but, it only lasted for a couple hours that one day. After that our love faded a bit. I did not have the time or opportunity to swing dance. Our real relationship started a little less than a month ago. I walked down the sidewalk and I looked by my feet to chalk that proclaimed “FREE SWING DANCING LESSONS!” This immediately sparked an interest not only in my head, but in my heart. I was so excited for the first lesson that I nearly skipped all the way from West Campus Suites to the Pershing building. The first lesson was fairly simple and The University Swingers taught us the basic step: “triple step, triple step, rock step.” The Swingers also taught us some fun ways to alter that move and make it more interesting such as the “arch out” and “cradle”. After that one lesson, the second swing dancing lesson of my entire life, I was hooked. I am not really sure how to explain our love other than to say, it was instant. Not only do I love the swing style of music like the Big Band Jazz music, I also love the classiness of it. I've always wanted to travel back in time to the 1940's and this is my momentary escape to that era. Swing dancing allows me to forget about all of my cares and problems of the world and focus on the music and the steps. When I am swing dancing, every Wednesday and Saturday, something takes over. Something more than me. Swing dancing for me is a freeing experience. This love of mine has also taught me that I have to make time for the things that I love. I am excited to continue this love affair and learn even more invaluable lessons, while of course having the time of my life.  

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