Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Generations Can't Be Compared: An Erasure Poem

You’re entitled. You’re narcissistic.
You belong to a culture of moral and spiritual poverty.
You need affirmations of your already inflated self-esteem.
You’re not virtuous, you’re lazy.
Facebook generation.
Generation Y even bother?
More open about drugs, sex and violence.
We have been conditioned to be this way,
Judgments being passed on us.
Scathing critics, our parents and grandparents.
When candy cost a penny, you could leave your doors unlocked.
We do not have this luxury.
Are we a generation of
Technology, school shootings, terrorism and natural disasters?
Plagued with debt, ideal conditions for success.
Diversity embraced, divorce rates higher and less family centered.
Endless outcomes, shocking and appalling.
Accused of being a sexual deviant.
Clothes too immodest, music too vulgar
                                                Forgotten about entirely.
Dealing with hypocrisy, tragedy and destruction.
There always will be unrest.
Standards are applies by failures past.
                Youth rebel, in one way
Or another.
Determine their own set of rules.
The world has a history of bashing… 

*This erasure is from my college's newspaper The Index, article title: Generation's Can't Be Compared.  Try your hand at erasure poems, they are a lot of fun! If you do, post them, I want to see!*

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